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岡安 啓人


1974年 東京生まれ

1998年 駒澤大学卒業後 渡米


2002年 APA賞 新人賞受賞

2011年 渡独


Hirohito okayasu is a Japanese photographer who has worked in Tokyo and Berlin, He was born in 1974 and grew up in Tokyo Japan. After graduated from Komazawa univ, He moved yo New York, studied communication of art in NYIT from 1998.

His photography career started from 2000 in Tokyo, which has expertise for advertisements, sales promotion, and magazines,and so on.

After 10years commercial photographer career in Tokyo, He relocated to Berlin, Germany 

where he became more well-experienced photographer such as fashion photography, art photography, and commercial photography.

In 2014 He moved back and now based in Tokyo.

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